Promoting rights, dignity, and justice for all Asian and Pacific Islander communities


Our Mission

The Asian & Pacific Islander Coalition (APIC) is dedicated to advancing and restoring the civil and human rights of and racial and economic justice for all Asians and Pacific Islanders in solidarity with Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities.

Our History

The Asian and Pacific Islander Coalition of Washington (APIC) was created after the 1996 Welfare Reform Act significantly impacted and reduced non citizens’ federal eligibility for public assistance programs.

Recognizing the need for a collective voice advocating for the rights and equity of foreign-born Asian and Pacific Islanders, APIC formed to lobby the Washington State legislature to address the gap created by federal legislation. Over the last quarter of a century, APIC has built on this legacy to bring together Asian and Pacific Islanders including immigrants, refugees, and citizens around Washington state, in order to use our collective strength to empower our community.

APIC currently has seven chapters across Washington State: King County, East King County, Pierce County, Snohomish County, Spokane County, Yakima County, and South Puget Sound.

APIC Chapters

To achieve our mission, APIC is guided by the following values and behaviors:

Honoring Our History
  • Preserving and learning from the past
  • Celebrating unique stories, the successes as well as the struggles, pain, and disappointment

Receiving Intergenerational Wisdom
  • Cultivating meaningful connections between generations
  • Centering youth voices and leadership

Nourishing Community
  • Creating spaces for learning, reflection through cultural and spiritual arts and literary expression
  • Building with love, compassion, and empathy
  • Lifting one another up

Building Power & Solidarity
  • Acknowledging that our ancestors are always with us
  • Recognizing the interconnectedness of our oppression
  • Grounding our work in the struggles of Indigenous communities

Leading With Courage & Passion
  • Embracing difference and leaning into discomfort
  • Celebrating success and acknowledging the wisdom of failure

Modeling Integrity
  • Moving at the speed of trust and consensus
  • Valuing transparency

Committing to Equity & Justice
  • Centering the voices and lived experiences of oppressed communities
  • Addressing Environmental Justice in living and work places; supporting Zero Carbon Impact
  • Acknowledging the intersections of privilege and oppression
  • Fighting against white supremacy through an anti-racist lens

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